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  1. Status/service conditions and fight against Government of West Bengal: The question of status and service conditions of the aided college librarians is remains unsolved till long. The association is fighting continuously with the help of members of the association in terms of monitory as well as physical presence in all terms especially when they compel to take shelter to honorable high court calcutta since 2003. Justice Bhaskar Bhattacharya in 2004 directed and given order to the higher education department , government of west Bengal to appoint a committee to determine status and service condition of the librarian of the govt aided college librarian of the state within three months from the date of judgment taking hearing from the associations.

    The committee formed but did not call the association for hearing and issued a memorandum imposing the burden of determine status and service conditions of the college librarians upon different universities but the court directive was not implemented. The association had to take shelter again to Calcutta high court in 2005 and justice Maharaja Sinha deliver his judgment on 7th February 2011 in the favour of association and directing "The Librarians of the non govt colleges will be entitled to the similar if not identical leave rules as framed for teachers of the colleges including leave encashment, leave accommodation benefits" but without implementing the judgment the govt. move to the higher bench (Division Bench) of the high court. We hope final verdict will come very soon and librarians of the all aided colleges of the state will get justice with the long fighting attitude of the members of WBCLA.
  2. Recruitment of Librarian in aided colleges of the state through WBCSC: The WBCLA move to the honorable high court calcutta in 2003 for seeking justice against non determination of status and service conditions of librarians of non govt colleges. In 2004 court given verdict directing higher education department govt of west Bengal to set up committee to ensure status and service conditions of the college librarians. The committee would not do justice but one thing it may clear that henceforth all non govt college librarians would be recruited through WBCSC. Thus WBCSC act was amendment for this purpose and later librarian of non government colleges recruited through WBCSC and it is a great achievement of WBCLA.
  3. Appointing Librarian in West Bengal College Teachers Security of Service Act 1975: Anther Important achievement of WBCSC Act was the appointing colleges were directed to issue appointment letter to college librarians, quoting "your service will be guided by West Bengal College Teacher Security of Service Act 1975"
  4. Publication: The association is publishing news letters, books, acts, hand books and directories of Libraries and librarians etc. in time to time and also a ISSN based LIS journal in English 'The Librarian since 1979 and a Bengali LIS journal 'college granthagar' in regular basis.
  5. Librarian in teaching status in few universities: For the first time executive council of university resolve to extend teacher status to the Librarians
  6. Pension benefits for librarians
  7. Implementation of UGC pay scale


  • Promotes the interests of the members of the Association and safeguard their rights and privileges.
  • Studies all the problems relating to the College Library Personnel and enhance their efficiencies for rendering better services by conducting discussions, seminars, training, workshop, etc.
  • Publishes journals, books, news letter and to undertake other educational publications.
  • Organizes Annual Conference and AGM.