Welcome to West Bengal College Librarians’ Association (WBCLA)

West Bengal College Librarians’ Association (WBCLA) Regd.No. S/27597 of 1979-80


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Mail: wbcla1962@gmail.com



Categories of Membership:

  1. Patrons
  2. General Members
  3. Associate Members

Qualification for Membership:

  1. Patrons:
    Most distinguished educationist, librarians and social workers shall be the Patrons of the Association.
  2. General Members:
    All Working Librarians(including Deputy Librarians and Asst. Librarians) and all professional staff of the Libraries of the Government and Non-Government Colleges(Sponsored and Non-Sponsored) in West Bengal shall be eligible as General Members on payment of the prescribed fees.
  3. Associate Members:
    The semi-professional and non-professional staff on the College Library and any student of Library and Information Science or any willing person shall be eligible for Associate Membership of the Association, without having any voting rights, provided that they shall get the copies of Association Journal gratis.
  4. Explanation:
    The last date for admission to membership every year shall be 28th February.
  5. Subscriptions:
    The subscription for General Membership shall be Rs.25/- per annum, payble in advance, of this Rs.1/- shall be allocated to the Zonal Committee, if and when they are formed. Besides, the Zonal Committee shall be entitled to raise funds as and when necessary, with prior approval of the Executive Committee. The power to change the rate of subscription shall be vested in the Executive Committee subject to the approval by the Central Council.

Note: Quota for the Zonal Committee is to be reviewed and decided upon from time to time by the Executive Committee. The subscription for Associate Membership shall be Rs.10/- per annum, payable in advance.

  1. Ceasation of Membership:
    A ember shall cease to be a member of the Association in case of-

    (i) Default in respect of paying subscription for any particular year,
    (ii) Tendering registration to the General Secretary,
    (iii) Removal of the member from the Association or acts calculated to damage the dignity of the Association or to lower it in public eyes, after giving the member concerned due opportunity by the Executive Committee to explain his conduct in this regard, and
    (iv) Superannuation, change of profession.

Note: Any motion for such removal shall be placed by the Executive Committee at a Special General Meeting convened for the purpose or the Annual Conference of the Association as the case may be, and if the motion is carried thereby a two-third majority of the members and voting, the number concerned shall be removed from the Association.

Register of Members:
The Association shall maintain a Register of Members containing Names, Addresses, Designations, Date of Admission and Date of registration or removal which shall be kept open for inspection of the members on requisition.

  1. Rights and Privileges of Members:
    Subject to the limitation stipulated in relevant Rules, every General Member shall have the right:
  2. To be present and vote at all meeting of the Association.
  3. To be eligible for election as an Office – bearer, or as a member of the different Committees or Sub-Committees of the Association etc.
  4. To receive copies of the Bulletin or other publications of the Association at such reduced rates as determined by the Executive Committee.
  5. To send suggestions for the betterment of the Association and for promotion of the cause of the Association to the Executive Committee for its consideration.
  6. To move resolutions in meetings/conferences and to be present and vote at the Annual Conference.


  • Promotes the interests of the members of the Association and safeguard their rights and privileges.
  • Studies all the problems relating to the College Library Personnel and enhance their efficiencies for rendering better services by conducting discussions, seminars, training, workshop, etc.
  • Publishes journals, books, news letter and to undertake other educational publications.
  • Organizes Annual Conference and AGM.
  • Status and service conditions of the librarians / Assistant librarian of govt and govt aided colleges , west bengal.
  • All College Librarian of West Bengal are requested to meet your peers at 1st & 3rd Tuesday for professional advice & help.